LAY THE DRAW – Profitable Strategy with Statistics

The LAY THE DRAW or GO AGAINST THE TIE strategy is probably the oldest and most used trading strategy in the world of sports trading. There are many who think that this strategy is no longer profitable, but the truth is that it is still a strategy that brings many benefits if you have the necessary tools.

What is Lay the Draw?

It literally means betting against the tie. You may not yet know how to bet against a market, but we will explain that in the following paragraphs. In the lay the draw strategy, you bet that the match will not end in a draw.

What does it mean to lay in sports betting?

Laying a market means betting against that market happening . For example, if we lay the Over 2.5 goals FT market, we are betting that no more than 2.5 goals will be scored in the match.

In addition, the calculation of risk in this type of bets is different from that of back bets (traditional bets). If we have a lay of @2.5 and we introduce a stake of 10, the total risk we are taking is (2.5*10)-10 = 15 units in total.

These types of bets are only available at exchange bookmakers.

How to do the Lay The Draw strategy?

There are different methodologies to apply this strategy, some more conservative and others more risky, here we are going to make a hybrid that is working quite well. From the alerts that reach us through Betpractice we are going to lay the tie, that is, we are going to bet against the tie and we are going to wait for a goal, once there is a goal we are going to cash out , that is , we are going to close our entry in such a way that regardless of the final result of the match we are going to obtain the same benefit, normally around 15% or 20% of our initial risk.

Almost all bookmakers offer the cash out , but in case yours does not have it or you prefer not to use it, you can make a back bet on the tie by matching the profits

The best strategy to lay the draw with Betpractice

Thanks to Betpractice we can receive a notification when a match meets the perfect scenario to enter the lay the draw or bet against the draw. In the following screenshot you will be able to see the configuration of an alert in Betpractice with the necessary configuration parameters:


We can apply this strategy in any league, although it is advisable to limit the leagues to those that we can really follow, that is, if the Australian league is not available in your bookmaker, it is best not to include that league in our strategy to avoid unnecessary noise. As well as if due to schedules we cannot be available when the matches of one league or another are played, remove those leagues as well.

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Also check here for more info about Betpractice Studio!

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2 thoughts on “LAY THE DRAW – Profitable Strategy with Statistics”

  1. Hello, am interested in your lay the draw strategy, but want to know if you have an exit strategy in case the game turns on the bettor? For example if an underdog scores first…

    1. Une option très rentable mais très risquée si l’out marque en 1er:
      Avant tout regarder si le favori à du mal dans ce match (possession, momentum, tirs…)
      Si le favori semble avoir été pris par surprise (contre, pénalty) contre le cours du jeu il est très intéressant de BACK le favori.
      Si l’out semble solide alors mieux vaut sortir avec une petite perte.

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