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How to analyze a game comparing seasons

When we are analyzing one or several markets within a football match or league, it is important to know if what is currently happening is something that has been happening on a regular basis, or if, however, this season or in recent matches there is a break in the pattern or trend.

Doing this with Betpractice Studio is very simple thanks to the Explorer tool and in this article we are going to teach you how to do it in a very easy way!

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How to find matches with the most corners

With Betpractice you have the necessary tools to be able to find, with two clicks, the matches with the highest probability of having many corners. In this article we are going to explain the theory behind this process and how to execute it in a simple way.

We can also include other types of filters to be able to keep only those matches in which, in addition, there is statistical value .

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How to find out if a League is Over or Under

The choice of leagues is a fundamental part when creating a new goal strategy or over/under system. If you are thinking of creating a strategy of more than 2.5 goals and you want to know how to identify the leagues with the most over or under, we will explain in this article how to do it easily with Betpractice.

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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Betpractice

If you are one of the users who likes to always be learning, improving and optimizing the use of tools, in this article we are going to collect 5 tips that we are sure will be very useful when it comes to being efficient in the use of the Betpractice suite.

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LAY THE DRAW – Profitable Strategy with Statistics

The LAY THE DRAW or GO AGAINST THE TIE strategy is probably the oldest and most used trading strategy in the world of sports trading. There are many who think that this strategy is no longer profitable, but the truth is that it is still a strategy that brings many benefits if you have the necessary tools.

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What is Yield? Is Yield the same as ROI?

Among all the concepts that we must learn when controlling our strategies, one of the fundamental ones is the yield.

The Yield is the benefit of a strategy or system expressed as a percentage, or what is the same, how many euros you earn for every €100 invested. For example, we can say that a strategy has a 10% yield, that is, that we have obtained a 10% profit from that strategy.

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