Betpractice Vs Statistics Pages

There is a common question when thinking to buy Betpractice. What is the difference between a common website on football statistics and Betpractice betting software?

In this article we will list some of the differences. In a statistical website you can access a lot of free information at the same way as many others.

But in betpractice studio you have the ability to know:

How many times did a team win?
What was the final result in a match?
What results gets to a market?

At Betpractice Studio you access advanced and dynamic information with the ability to obtain exactly what you are interested in football betting: In other words, focus on making money.

In statistical websites you get statistical information about a football game, in Betpractice you can combine that information in questions like:

  • How many times a specific result occurred?
  • What matches are the most likely to have that result?
  • What’s the Yield that can be obtained by betting on that result?
  • How much money will you win by betting on that outcome?
  • What leagues are profitable to bet on, which markets and in what periods?
  • What bookmakers are the ones that give the necessary odds to win that money?
  • What minimum odd is necessary for betting on that result to remain profitable?
  • How many times you have to bet so as to remain profitable?
  • What is the best match to make that bet?
  • What is the best moment in live betting to make that precise bet?
  • When make a trading or cash out bet can I make to get profit no matter what?
  • At what rate should I make that trading counter-bet?
  • At what minute of the game it is estimated to get out of your cash out?
  • What upward or downward trend are these pre-match odds taking?
  • Can we make money by betting on that trend before the match starts?
  • How will the odds change if a number of goals are scored in a certain point in the game?
  • What is the probability that a new goal will be scored?
  • What is the time of the match when goals are most likely to be scored?
  • What trend each team had, what streak and state of form?
  • Where is it not advisable to gamble?

Many more questions can be answered by betpractice software, but it is obvious that common statistical websites cannot. A significant advantage of betpractice studio is the ability to react in-play, by adjusting the information you get according to the situation of the game.

As a summary, the main difference is that in a statistical website you obtain only sports information but with Betpractice Studio you will be able to get focus information on your betting investment.

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Get Started Now!

It’s time to take your bets to the next level!
Select the package that suits you and get started now!
Try for FREE No credit card required!

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