▶︎ Both teams will not score. What does this market mean?

The football market of both teams that will not score may appear with different names depending on the bookmaker with which we are working, although its operation is the same in all of them. In this article we will explain what that market is and what are the best scenarios to bet on this market.

► How does the market both teams to not score?

In an article we previous explained how the market of both teams will score, and in this case we have the opposite case. We will win this bet if at least one of the two teams does not score a goal . Our bet will be considered as lost if at some point in the match both teams have scored at least one goal.

For example winning results of a bet “both teams will not score” are 0-0, 0-1, 4-0, or 0-7. We would lose our bet if the result is 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 3-2 or any other result where both teams score at least one goal.

► The best leagues for the market both teams will not score.

Although it may seem like a difficult task, with tools like Betpractice Studio we can identify those leagues that during this season (or more seasons) are having a good result in the market of both teams will not score:

both teams not score betting market betpractice
Top league result for “both teams will not score”

In Backtesting we have added all the available leagues, the market “both teams will not score”, the current season and we have filtered by real odds with a maximum real odd of @ 1.8, if we convert the real odd to a percentage it gives us 55.6%, that is to say , we have filtered to include only those games which have at least 55.6% possibility of both teams to not score.

As we can see in the Yield column, there are very profitable leagues like the Austrian one, and others not as profitable as the first German one, but still with very high yields that give us some security when making future investments.

We must always remember that past returns do not ensure or guarantee future benefits, but they do provide security and confidence to our investments.

► When to bet on the market both teams will not score?

Normally when we start to create a system or strategy focused on the market “both teams will not score”, the study is usually started looking for teams with an under trend, meaning there are few goals in their matches. This approach may be correct and it makes sense since it is a logical thought, but we would be leaving aside many teams that are scorers and at the same time have good defense and do not concede goals.

In the Betpractice pre game tool you can use statistics and streak filters and combine them with odds and real odds filters, this allows you to be very versatile when it comes to approaching a strategy. For example, you can combine average goals with a streak of football games with less than 2.5 goals and add an average of team possession.

We recommend that users research the dozens of stats and streaks available in the pre game tool to combine them and find teams that are profitable in this market.

👉🏻 Give it a try or Check out our other Guides and Tutorials on our Blog! If you have any questions about this market or another leave us a comment below and share it with your friends!

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